The list of ten deals approved just been published in the Official Journal

The new procedure regarding aid to the supplementary health, desired by the Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, has ended. Notice of public invitation to tender launched in mid-December, had left with complementary organizations until February 16 to submit their applications, specifying that 30 offers maximum would be retained. It is far since some two months later, the decree published in the Official Journal of 11 April book offers a list of ten.
1.2 million Beneficiaries ACS

Concretely, this means that as of July 1, only the subscription of one of these ten contracts may give rise to the payment of the ACS, financial aid whose amount varies according to age. About 1.2 million policyholders benefit each year from this financial assistance. But in some cases these deals together many organizations, this is for example the case of the ACS initiated by the UGM FNIM which boasts some 35 member societies.

According to the Ministry of Health the "ten offers the best (in terms of price and service quality) [...] will allow 1.2 million French benefit from the ACS to see significantly lower the cost of their supplementary health or obtaining, for the same price, contracts providing better coverage. "

Very discreet complementary health organizations

For now, difficult to analyze the result of this call for competition. The Ministry of Health did not provide the number of cases filed. Complementary insurers either do not have a lot of publicity about their possible involvement and finally the title of offers is not always explicit about the complementary insurers associated with it.

The ten eligible deals with the complementary health aid
Offer "Pacifica". Subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Assurances

Offer "ASACS" (Solidarity Association for assistance with complementary health). Association created by Unalis Mutual - Intégrance, Micils, GRM and Honey Mutual - with Apicil Welfare and nine other mutual partners.

Offers "health cluster foresight of the MACIF group"
Offer "solidarity additional Insurers"
Offer "Atout Heart Health". It could be an offer by the mutual INTERIALE group that filed the trademark heart health Atout
Offer "klesia Mutual." Mutual social protection group klesia
Offer "Yes Health".
Offer "Access Health".
Offer "MTRL". The MTRL Lyon Mutual Insurance Group belongs to Crédit Mutuel (ACM)

Offer "Proxime Health". This is the offer made by the Independent National Federation of Mutual (FNIM) via the UGM-ACS.Le risk is carried by the UNMI.